10 Best Men’s and Women’s Golf Shoes Under $150 (2021 update)

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Like all pieces of golf equipment over the past decade or so the advances in golf shoes and the numbers of options available can sometimes make the choice feel a bit overwhelming.

As golf shoes have become close to a fashion item as well as being worn to play golf more and more of the big traditional sports and footwear brands have entered a golf shoe market which in years gone by was dominated by 2 or 3 specialist golf shoe manufacturers.

Today though the massive sports brands that are Nike, Adidas, Puma and Under Armour treat the golf shoe market in the same way as they do their core sneakers and trainers business and have dozens and dozens of golf shoe options available now for both men and women.

The size and popularity of the golf market has also attracted specialist footwear brands including Converse, New Balance, Skechers and Ecco with the result of yet more options being available to the golf shoe consumer.

And this is before we even think about the biggest traditional player in the golf shoe game – Footjoy.

So with literally hundreds of golf shoes on the market for men and women it can be difficult to know where to start.

And with some golf shoes costing in excess of $300 it can also seem that you may need to spend a small fortune to get a decent pair.

At Golfing Focus though we’re always aware of how expensive a game of golf can be and are consistently focused on trying to make sure golfers spend their hard earned money as wisely as possible.

So in this article we’re going to focus on the best golf shoes for men and women under $150 which is around the £110 and €125 mark.

Pro tip – golf shoe styles change thick and fast these days. So if you have a particular golf shoe you like and are not bothered about keeping up with the latest fashion check out the prices on the previous year’s version. You can pick up some great bargains doing this.

Comfort & Grip are Top of the list for Golf Shoes

Before we dive straight into our list of the 10 best golf shoes for men and women under $150 I want quickly to summarise the key deciding factors we’ve used when it comes to putting together our list to try and cover all the bases we can.

Choosing a golf shoe like any shoe is hugely a matter of personal preference for the simple reason we all have different feet in exactly the same way we all have different golf swings.

A pair of golf shoes that one person swears by could easily be found to be unsuitable for someone else. Everyone’s feet have unique contours and of course come in all shapes and sizes.

But to say your golf shoe choice depends on personal preference doesn’t help much so here’s a list of the key factors we considered to compile our final list:

  1. Spiked vs Spikeless – Having a good grip with your feet when you swing a golf club is vital if you’re going to hit a good shot. This is even more important on damp, wet and uneven ground which is where spiked golf shoes hold an advantage over their spikeless counterparts. When it comes to spiked golf shoes today though we lowly amateurs will only have soft/plastic options available as metal spikes, which can damage the greens much more, are now the sole preserve of the pros. Spikeless golf shoes have however transformed the golf shoe landscape and driven the evolution that has made golf shoes all around more comfortable. While many golfers still find spiked golf shoes given them more confidence in wet conditions many spikeless options today are barely distinguishable from a grip perspective from their spiked counterparts. Given their design also spikeless shoes offer golfers a shoe which can double up as a casual shoe off the course!
  2. Comfort – If you’re playing a standard round of 18 holes you are going to be walking an average distance of about 6.3 miles (10.21km) according to a study by the Journal of Sports Science & Medicine. This means you taking an average of almost 12,000 steps regardless of handicap level, sex, or course played so it’s clear whatever golf shoes you wear it’s important they are comfortable otherwise you’re going to have sore feet to deal with as well as potentially a sore looking scorecard.
  3. Material – The materials used in any golf shoe you wear are also going to have an impact on comfort and the materials used in golf footwear has been a big development area over the last few years in particular. Leather has been, and still is of course, a dominant feature in a lot of golf shoes for the simple reason it is a proven comfortable, durable and waterproof material. With quality comes additional cost however and so manufacturers today also use linings such as Goretex to deliver a waterproof, breathable and warm golf shoe. That warmth of course may not work out so well in hot weather so there are also synthetic or other man-made materials used in certain golf shoes to offer more comfort and breathability. Shoes of this type tend to be cheaper but may at the same time not be waterproof or water resistant and the one thing that is definitely not fun is playing golf with wet feet.
  4. Stability – As well as spikes helping to provide stability and good grip when you swing a golf club the structure of a golf shoe is also important in ensuring that you have a good stable platform on the ground when you hit shots. When you swing a golf club there is much more movement of the feet going on than players typically realise. During the back swing, energy is built up and stored and the release of that energy through the down swing and into the ball is triggered by the feet. As a result the more stability a golf shoe can offer the better. Some brands also use different lacing systems now, as you find commonly in other types of sports shoes, in an effort to allow golfers to make adjustments to their laces in ways that will make their golf shoes more stable.
  5. Style – Like or loathe it as a golf traditionalist but golf shoes are now a fashion item. You can’t have a market now dominated by the big sports brands and not expect influences from fashion and other sports to work their way into golf shoe design. Indeed many of the spikeless golf shoe options available today are almost impossible to tell apart from regular sneakers and trainers. Which is great if you want to wear golf shoes as regular shoes as well and want two pair of shoes for the price of one! And with some golf shoe models come a load of different style options to meet a lot of different tastes.

So now that we’ve outlined out decision factors here’s our list of the best men and women’s golf shoes which will hopefully not break the bank at under $150.

There are obviously going to be some comprises with any golf shoe you buy but there should be a great option in this list no matter your main requirements.

5 Best Spikeless Golf Shoes Under $150 – Men and Women

In no particular order these are the spikeless golf shoes we found to the best under $150.

Skechers Go Golf Elite

If you’re like me and have a pair of Skechers regular sneakers or trainers you will know how comfortable they are and the good news is the Skechers Go Golf Elite shoes are exactly the same.

They are very comfortable to wear and have enough traction on the rubber sole to give you confidence when it comes to stability on the ground as you swing the golf club.

The leather material embossed with fabric makes these shoes super easy to clean after a round and at the price point they are they represent great value.

  • Wet weather – 2 year waterproof warranty
  • Styles – 4 colour options for men and 2 for women. Traditional laces. Removable insoles
  • Weight – 10.25oz
  • Cons – The shoe widths available are medium or wide and do not come in extra wide or double extra wide.

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Adidas Codechaos

Obsessed with the 3 stripes from an early age my first pair of golf shoes were adidas more years ago than I care to admit and they are still producing great golf shoes.

As you would expect from one of the giants of the sneaker and trainer industry these golf shoes are really comfortable and great to walk around in both on and off the course.

They also do what a golf shoe is supposed to do in terms of giving you a stable platform to swing the golf club and give good grip on damp and even uneven ground.

These are basically a pair of trainers which you wear on the golf course.

  • Wet weather – 2 year waterproof warranty
  • Styles – 3 colour options for men and 2 for women. Traditional laces.
  • Weight – 12.6oz
  • Cons – Sizes and colors can have limited availability.

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Nike Golf – Roshe Spikeless Shoes

The Roche spikeless golf shoe delivers the iconic Nike design so if you are a fan of the classics this shoe is for you.

Like its sneaker counterpart it is comfortable and will easily keep your feet snug as you walk around the course. And with its spikeless outsole they will also do the job when it comes to giving you a stable platform to hit the ball.

There are an excellent number of style options to choose from too and given how they look also nobody will notice these are golf shoes if you start wearing them away from the course.

  • Wet weather – Not waterproof and recommended for dry conditions.
  • Styles – 8 colour options for men and 8 for women. Traditional laces.
  • Weight – 11.2oz
  • Cons – This shoe is not available in wide width.

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PUMA Ignite Nxt

Puma are obviously a huge sports brand but Rickie Fowler is probably the man who can take a lot of the credit for getting Puma associated with golf and their Ignite NXT range of golf shoes do not disappoint.

Super comfortable as you expect and great for walking in they also give the grip and stability on the ground needed to hit good golf shots.

The ‘Pro’ version of this shoe does not have the mesh material on the upper that the standard version has while the ‘Solelace’ design for women is more comparable to the men’s standard version with the combination uppers made of non-stretch, waterproof, and breathable mesh.

All these models have traditional laces but there is also a ‘Disc’ version which has a micro-adjusting dial system fitted to tighten and loosen the laces up with a simple twist.

They are really easy to clean also and as you expect from Puma they’re sporty design gives you a shoe which you can wear away from golf.

  • Wet weather – 1-Year Waterproof Warranty
  • Styles – 6 colour options for men, ‘Pro’ has 5 and ‘Solelace’ version has 3 for women. Removable insoles.
  • Weight – 13oz, Pro – 15.2oz
  • Cons – The shoelace eyelets can cause issues of tied laces are tied too tightly.

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ECCO Street Retro

This is cutting it very fine when it comes to the $150 limit but I could not compile any list of spikeless golf shoes without including a pair of Ecco’s.

Ecco have been at the top of the shoe business game for ages and if it’s maximum comfort you are looking for then you don’t have to look much further.

Comfort is the name of the game when it comes to Ecco shoes including a luxurious tongue.

This may not seem like a big deal but Ecco know what they are doing when it comes to making comfortable shoes and know that a thick tongue allows you to lace them up as tight as you want to give yourself as tight and snug fit as you want.

The wider midsole than you will find in other golf shoes is also ideal if you have wider feet or bunions which is further helped by the removable insoles if you need even more extra space for your feet.

The water-resistant skin means you are set for all weathers also and there are a few unique designs for shoes which are as happy off the course as they are on it.

  • Wet weather – 2-Year Waterproof Warranty
  • Styles – 4 colour options for men and 3 for women. Removable insoles.
  • Weight – 13.3oz men, 11oz women
  • Cons – At some retailers these may just tip over the $150 mark.

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5 Best Spiked Golf Shoes Under $150 – Men and Women

Moving onto the best spiked shoes we came across under $150 here they are.

FootJoy Men’s Contour / Footjoy Women’s DryJoys

Before all the new kids entered the golf shoe block Footjoy pretty much dominated the golf shoe market.

Watch any of the majors from years gone by and I’m almost 99% certain the winner will be wearing a pair of Footjoys. They have been involved in golf for over a century and when I was growing up playing I thought I had finally made it when I finally got my pair of Footjoy’s that matched what the pros were wearing.

Given their history in the golf shoe game therefore you don’t need to worry about comfort, grip, stability or footwear that will keep your feet dry in the wet.

The good news also is that all the relatively new entrants into the golf shoe market have forced Footjoy to up their game and added a lot of new styles to their traditional staple.

In the under $150 price bracket we’ve gone for the Men’s Contour which has the added bonus of being one of the best options for those of you with very wide feet.

For women there is no comparable Contour shoe but the price point of under $150 we can recommend the DryJoy.

It’s very much on the traditional looking side but over 30 years on from its initial launch it has stood the test of time simply because it is one of the best, if not the best, waterproof golf shoe out there.

We would love to have recommended DryJoys for Men also but they don’t come in under $150. If you find a pair that do and need a great waterproof spiked golf shoe grab them!

  • Wet weather – 1 Year Waterproof Warranty
  • Styles – 4 options for men and 1 for women.
  • Cons – Not as comfortable as more expensive Footjoy models.

[Check out the latest price on Amazon here]

New Balance Fresh Foam Linkspro

Think of New Balance (NB) and you’re more likely to think of iconic running shoes rather than golf ones.

NB is another shoe industry specialist however which has taken the plunge into the golf market and given their history and expertise, especially in the extremes of long distance running, it’s not too much of a surprise what they bring to their golf shoes.

Very comfortable footwear which is extremely durable in all conditions and which provides great stability when swinging a golf club. And the New Balance Fresh Foam Linkspro golf shoe is no exception.

NB’s focus on comfort above all else means they stick to the traditional and classic when it comes to style in the Fresh Foam Linkspro golf shoes and unfortunately this model does not carry a women’s version either.

When you consider the price however these shoes are some of the best for the money.

  • Wet weather – 2-Year Waterproof Warranty
  • Styles – 2 options
  • Weight – 11.6oz
  • Cons – Only 2 style options and no women’s version.

[Check out the latest price on Amazon here]

Puma Ignite Pwradapt Caged Shoes

With Puma comes style and with 8 options available in the Puma Ignite Pwradapt Caged Golf Shoes you are getting a sport shoe with spikes that you just happen to use for golf.

With the underfoot cushioning these shoes are unquestionably comfortable and will be a pleasure to walk the few miles that a round of golf consists of. With the seven cleat pattern on the sole also you should have no problems with stability on the ground.

There are some compromises though and if you play alot in wet weather these shoes may not be the best choice for you and other spiked golf shoes will be more durable.

If you’re a fair weather golfer however like I am most of the time these days they are a stylish option.

  • Wet weather – 1-Year Waterproof Warranty
  • Styles – 8 options
  • Weight – 16oz
  • Cons – No women’s version and will not keep your feet dry in wet weather.

[Check out the latest price on Amazon here]

Skechers Go Golf Pro

The Skechers Go Golf Pro get a big thumbs up from a lot of golfers and it’s easy to see why.

The soft fabric and cushioned insoles make these very comfortable while the nine replaceable spike sole design means you won’t be slipping in these whatever the conditions.

They are also great in wet weather with the both the leather uppers and sealed seams making them 100% waterproof.

Although there are lots of style options the design is along the traditional lines however these are great shoes if you are looking to keep your feet snug and comfortable over a lot of rounds.

  • Wet weather – 2-Year Waterproof Warranty
  • Styles – 7 colour options for men, 4 for women
  • Weight – 16oz
  • Cons – Traditional style

[Check out the latest price on Amazon here]

Under Armour HOVR Matchplay / Drive

Under Armour was only founded in 1996 but in just over 2 decades it has become one of the big players in the sports gear market.

And with Jordan Speith as their front man they have stormed into the world of golf and the Under Armour HOVR Matchplay for Men and Drive model for Women is an excellent golf shoe which is one of the results.

A very comfortable sole cushion makes them great for walking and you won’t have any problems with stability on the ground when you swing. The Gore-Tex easy-wipe material will also ensure your feet stay nice and dry.

  • Wet weather – 1-Year Waterproof Warranty
  • Styles – 2 style options, 1 for women
  • Weight – 14.1oz Men, 10.1oz Women
  • Cons – Limited style options. Insoles are not removable.

[Check out the latest price on Amazon here]

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