About Us

The game of golf has given me a huge amount.

Starting to play at the age 4, following in the footsteps of my three older brothers, I have been enjoying playing and watching golf for well over 30 years – longer than I would care to admit!

I have been lucky enough to play off single figures for all of my adult life and enjoy golfing on some of the best golf courses in the world where I would frequently pretend I needed that par at the 18th to take home the British or US Open.

More importantly however over the years my biggest fortune has been to make lifelong friends across the world simply by virtue of playing golf.

While having a young family means I now don’t always get to play as much as I would like I remain fascinated by this great game, and particularly by the mental and physical aspects that set apart different standards of players.

GolfingFocus.com was created simply as a place to allow me to try and find answers to common golfing questions asked, and problems faced, by all standards of golfer. And also as an excuse to convince my family that they should be joining me on the fairways as much as possible!

Whether you are a beginner just taking up the game or have been playing for a while there’s something here for you.

This site is simply where I share everything I have experienced and learned through enjoying and researching this great game with friends, family and competitors.

I hope you enjoy it!