PuttOUT Pro vs. Wellputt putting mat. An Owner’s Comparison

I’ve owned both a Wellputt and PuttOUT pro putting mat and tested them extensively against each other.

So how they stack up against each other? When I was struggling with my putting a while back I decided to buy both the PuttOUT Pro and Wellputt putting mats, alongside a bunch of others to test them against each other for myself rather than rely on other people’s reviews.

After hours of testing and comparing both mats against 6 categories including build quality, ease of set up & storage & price I chose the Wellput putting mat over the PuttOUT Pro. The main reasons were the extra practice options inbuilt into the Wellput mat and its availability in different lengths.

While my personal choice was for the Wellput putting mat over the PuttOUT pro I must confess that anyone deciding to go with the PuttOUT Pro version will not do their putting any harm and the final decision will come down a lot to personal preference.

I enjoyed practicing on both putting mats and even got out my stimpmeter out to see whether the advertised speeds of both matched up to what the manufacturers are claiming.

When it came down the final choice though I continued my putting practice using the Wellput and here is the detail behind my reasoning across the six different categories I compared them against.

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Set Up

Although all golfers know it’s important to practice their putting as often as possible, given putts comprise around 40% of shots any golfer of any standard will play during a round, we can all a bit a lazy when it comes to practice.

Having a putting mat which is easy to set up in the house or office or wherever you are indoors is therefore clearly a bonus and when it comes to getting both the PuttOUT Pro and Wellput putting mats set up thankfully both are exceptionally easy to set up ready for some well needed putting practice.

All it involves to set both up is literally grabbing them out the box or cupboard, unrolling the mat and you are away. Nothing more to it and nothing therefore to split them when it comes to setting them up.

Set up’ comparison summary – Nothing to split them. Both putting mats are very easy and straight forward to roll out at the start of any putting practice session.

Build quality

A putting mat is never going to have the same feel as a real green but it’s clearly important that it is of good quality and allows you to have confidence that how good a putting stroke you are hitting the ball with is reflected on the mat you are using.

I’ve used and tested a number of putting mats over the years and you can definitely tell the difference between a good one and bad one. The poorer quality ones always feel much rougher to the touch.

When it came to looking at this aspect of the Wellputt and PuttOUTPro putting mats however the good news is they are both of undoubted good quality.

Running your hand over both mats felt good to the touch and I was confident the material of both mats did not affect where the ball ended up.

The bad news was only unfortunately that bad putts were clearly therefore only down to me!

Neither mat also had any cheap plastic parts which you find on some putting mats these days, particularly those that include a ramp up to the hole.

So once again when it came to build quality both scored well with nothing to distinguish them.

Build quality’ comparison summary – Wellput and PuttOUT Pro mats are made of quality materials and the mats feel smooth to the touch.

Portability / Storage

If you are like me and are a bit tight for space in the house where your family will let you leave all your golf gear lying around then how easily you can store your PuttOUT Pro or Wellputt putting mat is going to be factor.

Similar to how easy the mats were to set up both were also very easy to roll up and store away with each of them being able to be rolled up tightly and packed away in a cupboard or in the corner of the room.

The PuttOUT putting mat however definitely distinguished itself when it came to portability however as it comes with a carry case which allows you to easily take it away with you to the office, on business trips or on holiday if you want to keep your practice going.

The Wellput by comparison was easily stored in a box but the ease with which you could carry the PuttOUT around with you in the handy carry case added that ‘little bit extra’ when it came to this category.

Portability / Storage’ comparison summary – Both putting mats fold tightly and are easily packed away but the ‘carry case’ option PuttOUT Pro mat comes with is a great added extra if you want to take it away with you!


The point of putting mats is of course not to store them but to use them and once again both mats scored well on this measure.

The roll of both mats was true and I was sure that the direction of the ball was not affected by the mat itself. Unlike when many people practice their putting at home on the carpet the ball did not bobble on the weave of either putting mat and therefore ran straight where I hit it.

The underside of both mats also held well against the floor and did not slip against the surfaces I used them on and this was helped by neither mat requiring me to stand on them to practice my putting.

Usability’ comparison summary – Both mats produced a true roll and will not slip on the surfaces on which they are used.


You may be less prone to getting bored practicing your putting than I am but I am always looking for ways to keep my practice sessions interesting so I don’t get bored spending the required hours trying to become a better putter.

Having a putting mat that has useful features which not only encourages me to come back again and again to put in some much needed practice but also ensures I am working on the right things I believe is important.

Both the Wellputt and PuttOUT Pro mats have useful markers to practice different lengths of short putts and also are accompanied with smart phone apps to guide your practice and give ideas of more drills.

I however found the Wellputt markings made for more interesting and varied practice, including from different angles and I particularly like the zone markings around the hole which encourage you to get the ball past the hole.

It’s availability also in multiple lengths – 10ft, 13ft and 26ft – compared to the roughly 6ft maximum putting practice available on the PuttOUT Pro gives the Wellputt a slight edge in category.

Features’ comparison summary – The additional lengths of the Wellputt mat which are available in addition to the increased number of markings allow for longer and more varied putting practice.

Price / Value for Money

Last but by no means least looking at the prices of these two putting mats is clearly going to be the most important consideration for many people looking at them.

With the PuttOUT Pro typically coming in around the $90 (£65) mark and the Wellput costing around $140 (£101) when it came to value for money the PuttOUT Pro was ahead.

Given the lack of differentiators across the majority of the categories we compared both these mats against that the PuttOUT Pro was cheaper but without any compromise in terms of build quality with the Wellputt means that for those of you who are more price conscious the PuttOUT Pro is the winner here.

‘Price / value for money’ comparison summaryAt approximately $40 cheaper the PuttOUT Pro is clearly less expensive than the Wellputt putting mat without this affecting the quality of the product.

Final Analysis – Wellputt vs PuttOUT Pro Putting Mat

The two fundamentals of putting are as follows:

  • Hitting the ball so it rolls ‘end over end’ in a straight line, and
  • Putting the ball consistently the correct distance.

Unless you are wanting to spend the extra money on the 26ft version of the Wellputt putting mat neither of the standard versions of the Puttout PRO and Wellput mats, with their focus on short putting practice will help with you much with your distance control.

Both mats are however excellent products and will allow you to make great strides towards improving your stroke to enable you to consistently hit your putts straight as often as possible.

I have owned and tested both mats over many hours and both are good putting mats which you can’t go wrong with.

For me I prefer the Wellputt putting mat for a couple of reasons. Firstly with it being a bit longer than the PuttOUT Pro I like being able to practice more lengths of putt within the crucial 10ft range.

And secondly I also prefer the additional markings on the Wellputt mat which make my practice more interesting and force me to concentrate on the things I am typically poor at when I hit bad putts – namely accelerating through the ball and getting it past the hole.

If you decide though the PuttOUT Pro is better suited to you especially if you want to take it with you wherever you go then you will also be getting an excellent putting mat to practice on.

Here is our full review of the PuttOut Pro putting mat on YouTube

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