Golf Gear for Kids: Our Top Picks

There are few greater joys than getting kids started to play golf. Choosing the right gear to help them enjoy this great game from the beginning is key and these items will help!

Golf Gear for Kids

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Golf is a great game and it has been brilliant to watch my daughter get started learning to play.

One of the things I have noticed though is how complicated a game it can seem to beginners and how strange the golf swing is as a body movement to learn.

Not only is the swing an unnatural and complex series of muscle movements that need to be combined together but it also requires flexible and strong, up and lower body muscles merged with hand-eye co-ordination to deliver a consistent swing.

That combined with all the rules and it can be a lot for a child to take in when they are learning.

And that’s before we even get to thinking about all the available golf gear which is complicated enough for adult golfers to choose for themselves never mind for kids!

Thankfully when it comes to kids’ gear though there have been great strides made in children’s golf equipment over the last 20 years or so and below we have listed our top recommendations to help you choose the best gear for kids starting out to learn to play the great game of golf!

Best Golf Clubs for Kids – Length and Weight are the Keys

When it comes to choosing golf clubs for kids one obvious aspect which needs to be taken into account is length.

Kids taking up golf are obviously a lot smaller than adults so to give them an adult club that is taller than them clearly doesn’t make a lot of sense.

But one aspect of golf clubs, which is crucial for kids especially, is club weight.

Weight matters a huge amount when it comes to all golf clubs. A big change in weight can lead to big differences in the results of golf shots.

So when choosing golf clubs for kids it is vital that not only are the clubs the right size for them but also that they are a good weight for them to develop their swing.

Start them off with clubs that are far too heavy or too light and it will make it harder for them to learn to play which can not only affect their enjoyment but also ingrain some bad swing habits which they will find hard to shake later on.

The great news though is that the fitting system designed by the golf clubs made by U.S. Kids Golf make sure you not only choose the right first club or two for your child but also know when to change them as they grow and keep on playing.

It’s as simple as measuring their height with their shoes on and choosing the right weight of club for them based on their playing ability.

  • ‘Yard Club’ for entry level young golfers
  • ‘Ultralight’ clubs for beginners to intermediate young golfers
  • ‘Tour Series’ clubs for advanced young golfers

The colour system associated with the various clubs for different heights of young golfers makes the system super easy to follow and I would whole heartedly recommend these clubs for kids.