What Should You Wear to a Golf Simulator? Relax and Enjoy!

If you can’t get along to a golf course or just want to try out playing golf in a comfortable and safe environment an indoor golf simulator could be the exact thing you are looking for.

If you have never been to one before or indeed it is your first time playing golf at all you may be wondering what exactly you should be wearing to go to a golf simulator?

You can almost always wear any casual clothes you want when you go to a golf simulator. Clothes that don’t restrict your shoulder, arm and leg movements when you swing are best to make sure you will be comfortable when swinging the club. When it comes to shoes you need ones with enough tread to give you some grip.

As anyone who has played golf for any length of time will tell you it is a hard enough game as it is without feeling your clothes aren’t suitable as well and this applies to playing at a golf simulator as well as any golf course.

In this article therefore we’ll take you through what clothes are best to wear when playing golf at a golf simulator and also highlight anything else you may need or want to take with you.

What Clothes are Best When Playing at a Golf Simulator?

The good news is that if you are a beginner or not an avid golfer, you do not have to rush out and buy golf clothes just to play at a golf simulator.

Proper golf attire is not required and a golf simulator is a very relaxed environment in comparison to a lot of golf courses.

The most important thing is that you will be comfortable swinging the golf club and as a result pretty much any casual clothes are fine.

The following list of clothes is a good guide what to wear to a golf simulator:

  • Polo shirts, sports jerseys, T-shirts, blouses, hoodies.
  • Capri or cropped pants, sweat pants, tracksuit bottoms, leggings, khakis, chinos, wrap dresses, skirts.
  • Jeans are fine as are shorts but tight waisted ones are probably not a good idea.

If you are in any way bothered about how well you want to play at a golf simulator however you should probably consider wearing what you would most likely wear if you were going to play at a golf course.

You need to be able to twist your shoulders and legs freely in whatever you choose to wear so try to choose clothes that don’t restrict your movement too much and that you can be active in.

Do You Wear Golf Shoes at a Golf Simulator?

The types of shoes you wear at a golf simulator is important and worth considering a bit more than what you plan to wear.

Wearing shoes with good enough sole tread to give you grip when you swing are best to wear at a golf simulator. Sneakers or trainers for example which are clean are a good choice as are indoor golf shoes but golf shoes with spikes are not allowed. High heels and work boots are also not recommended.

The reason for not allowing spiked golf shoes at a golf simulator is simply one of safety. Spikes can not only get stuck in the artificial turf, potentially causing an injury but they also damage the indoor turf which is used to hit balls from into the golf simulator.

These are the same reasons no high heels are permitted so the easiest thing to do is usually just to wear the most comfortable athletic shoes you have.

Just make sure they are clean as well though as the main thing golf simulators and their owners do not like is dirt.

Do You Bring Your Own Clubs to a Golf Simulator?

What you should wear to a golf simulator is one question but there are a couple of other considerations when thinking about what you need for a golf simulator. Do you take your own golf clubs and golf balls for example or can you rent all the equipment you need there?

You can bring your own golf clubs and golf balls to a golf simulator. Many venues encourage this but your equipment must be clean as dirty or scuffed balls can damage the hitting screen. A lot of venues also have clubs and balls for rent however as it is not always easy to bring your own equipment to their location.

When it comes to golf simulators one of the most important things to remember is that they are indoor facilities that need to be kept clean.

You will find most venues are quite picky about this fact for the simple reason that dirt can cause damage to the often expensive equipment which makes up the golf simulator.

As such venues ask that your golf club faces and golf balls be clean before you start using them so that you can do your part to keep the facility clean.

It is worth noting also that coloured golf balls are usually strictly prohibited. One thing you will definitely not need though is golf tees as these are built into the simulator system.

Why Should You Play at a Golf Simulator?

Whether you are new to golf or not there are many good reasons why you should consider playing golf at a golf simulator and here are just a few.

Practice Makes Perfect

For the vast majority of people golf is not a game that comes naturally. If you want to get better therefore you will need to practice. It is as simple as that.

Getting to a golf course is not always practical or affordable for many however and that is why a golf simulator is so great.

You can fit it into your schedule really easily and it allows you to practice your swing and test out clubs all within a very controlled environment.

There is also no pressure to perform, you won’t spend and lose hours looking for golf balls and the simulator can even help give you advice about what you can do better next time.

This is a way of practising or getting started with the game that you could never hope to replicate on a real golf course.

The Weather Does Not Always Co-operate

There are times when it’s raining, bitterly cold or way too hot outside when the thought of playing golf just doesn’t appeal.

However being located in the great indoors a golf simulator turns golf into a year-round game and a way to keep your swing going and having fun 365 days a year.

Try Out Some New Clubs

If you have some new clubs you may want to try them out first before hitting the course.

The more you practice with your clubs the more confident you can become with your selected clubs and a golf simulator is a great place to do this.

It allows you to try out your clubs in specific situations to see how they react and that is always a worthwhile type of practice.

Enjoy Time with Family and Friends

Not everyone likes to be out playing on an official 18 hole golf course and especially if some of your group are newer to the game.

Golf simulators make it easy for friends and family to play and enjoy some golf no matter what their ability and at the same time enjoy some time out in ways that you can not replicate when on the course.

If someone in the group has had enough they can simply stop playing but they don’t then have to leave the conversation and the fun as they would if playing on a normal golf course.

With a golf simulator you can play a round of golf in less than an hour and enjoy all the surrounding entertainment without having to walk miles to do so.

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