PuttOut Pro Putting Mat Review. It’s Short but Great Value

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While putting is obviously a critical part of the game of golf not everybody can be bothered to go to their local golf course or driving range on a regular basis to continually practice their putting.

For that reason the putting mat has long provided a great way for golfers to practice their putting as often as they like in the comfort of their own home and one such putting mat available today is the PuttOut Pro.

But is it any good?

The PuttOut Pro Putting Mat is both good and great value for money. Easy to set up and use the standard mat is a good quality product that enables golfers to practice short putts of 6ft and under. A smartphone app gives tips and challenges to help track progress and a handy carry bag lets you take it with you on the move.

I have not only owned a PuttOut Pro putting mat but I’ve also reviewed it against a number of other mats currently available and I am of the view the medium PuttOut mat is the best value for money putting mat on the market.

And in the rest of this post we will cover how I came to this conclusion based on the hours and hours of testing we did on this mat alongside many of its competitors.

The Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) of a PuttOut Pro putting mat
PuttOut Pro Putting mats have a Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) backing to ensure they grip any solid flat surface they are laid out on

PuttOut Pro Putting Mat – The Details

Before getting on to discussing the pros and cons it is probably worth us first taking a quick look at what exactly it is you get when you buy a PuttOut Pro putting mat.

In total the slim and medium PuttOut Pro putting mats measure 7 feet 11 inches long while the large version measures 12 feet in length. Using the markings and targets printed on the mats this enables effective practice of short putts from 6 feet and under on the slim and medium versions and up to 10 feet on the large mat.

All the mats come marked with alignment and target lines and holes – there is one main hole target on the slim and standard mats and 5 separate ones on the large version – to allow the straightforward, effective and varied practice of short putts.

PuttOut putting mats are designed with a carpet like fabric on the putting side of the mat, available in multiple colour options, and an extra-thick Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) backing to enable both a smooth and true putting roll and also a sound grip on any solid flat surface which it is laid out on.

PuttOut mats also come with an accompanying smartphone app that provides plenty of quick tips and drills to help keep your putting practice both varied and interesting. It also includes a neat metronome feature that enables players to assess the speed of their putting stroke.

A final feature unique to PuttOut putting mats is that all 3 size versions come with a handy carry bag which the mats can easily be rolled up into and taken with wherever you want to go and practice your putting.

The table below gives us a summary of the details of each of the PuttOut mat versions available.

Slim Pro7.87 feet (6 feet)0.81 feetx2 (Green, Gray)Approx.$60
Medium Pro7.87 feet (6 feet)1.64 feetx4 (Blue/Black, Green, Gray, Blue)Approx.$90-$100
Large Pro12 feet (10 feet)2.2 feet x1 (Green only)Approx.$170

Pro tip: Practicing on a putting mat is better for your putting stroke than putting on a home carpet. Check out the reasons why this is here.

Is the PuttOut Putting Mat Worth It?

Now that we are clear on the details of PuttOut Pro putting mats it is time to explore the obvious follow up question which inevitably arises as to whether they are worth it or not.

I have owned and spent hours and hours testing a number of putting mats in recent times and have assessed each of them across a number of categories including ease of set up and storage, features and usability, build quality and of course price.

I have even tested the speed of the medium PuttOut putting mat I have with a PGA approved stimpmeter!

PuttOut putting mats are definitely worth it with the medium sized mat in particular representing great value for money. Its handy carry case allows golfers to take the mat wherever it suits them to practice and it is also easy to set up and use. Made of quality materials it does not degrade over time if well looked after.

First and foremost when it comes to ‘set up’ the PuttOut Pro mat takes only a few seconds to get ready for a practice putting session. Not only that it rolls out flat each time making it ready to use immediately.

And the short video below demonstrates just how easy that setup process is.

PuttOut Pro putting mats are exceptionally easy to set up and make ready for a practice putting session

Following on from this a real advantage the PuttOut Pro mats have over others we have tested is the carry case it comes in.

This not only makes it incredibly easy to store away if it is not an option for you to leave your putting mat permanently rolled out but it also allows you to take it with you wherever you want, whether that be to the office or on holiday, to continue your putting practice.

Simply roll it up and put it back inside its bag and you will be ready to go.

After testing a bunch of putting mats the PuttOut Pro mats undoubtedly have the best storage and portability solution than any of the others we have looked at.

When it comes to features though it is undeniable that the PuttOut Pro mats are simpler than other putting mats on the market.

The slim and medium pro mats especially have only basic alignment markings and one target hole on them allowing practice of short putts of up to six feet on each.

Other reviews of the PuttOut Pro mat on the web criticise the lack of features on the mat itself however I must confess this did not affect the effectiveness of the putting practice sessions I had on the mat.

It does exactly what it is meant to and focuses the user on honing their putting stroke and technique in the vital putting range of 1 foot to 6 feet with markings in 1 foot increments.

The slim and medium versions are undoubtedly not very long but you are getting an excellent quality product and with the accompanying smartphone app and additional products such as the PuttOut pro pressure trainer you can create a multitude of drills and games to keep your putting practice varied and interesting.

[Editor’s note – The PuttOut Pro pressure trainer is NOT included with PuttOut Pro putting mats and needs to be purchased separately.]

Build wise the PuttOut Pro putting mats are also without question of excellent quality.

The top surface of the mat is a fine carpet like material which we measured at a speed of approximately 10 feet on our stimpmeter test.

Unfortunately this was an unofficial reading due to the short length of the mat not allowing the ball to fully roll out after going down the Stimpmeter but we were still of the view the speed of the mat is pretty much as advertised.

This brings us finally to the key issue of the price which is where for us the medium PuttOut Pro version comes into its own in the current market.

With the standard version coming in at a price point of approximately $90 or £67 it is unquestionably in our view the best value for money putting mat out there under the $100 mark.

The large mat is much more expensive at roughly $170 (£127) and does not compare as favourably to other similarly priced mats as the medium version does but when it comes to the medium option we would have no hesitation in recommending it to golfers who do not want to spend too much on a putting mat.

The medium PuttOut Pro putting mat is not very long but with all that it comes with it is great value for money and listed below is a summary of the mat’s pros and cons across a variety of categories.

Set up– Rolls out flat and ready for use on any flat surface almost immediately
Build quality– Good quality fine carpet like material leads to very true roll
Features– Easy to use
– Smartphone app provides additional games & training drills
– Slim and medium options have only basic alignment lines and one target hole which limits the variety of practice.
Storage– Matt rolls up in seconds following use and is stored in a convenient carry case which can be taken with you wherever you want to practice.
Price– Slim Pro option costs approx. $60
– Medium Pro mat costs approx. $90-100
– Large Pro option costs approx. $170

Can You Hoover a PuttOut Pro Putting Mat?

Like all products there is the question of maintenance when it comes to the PuttOut Pro putting mat and how best you can keep it clean and in as good a condition as possible for as long as possible.

Specifically a very common question asked about PuttOut mats, and indeed putting mats in general, is whether they can be vacuumed or not.

PuttOut Pro putting mats can be cleaned with a brush or vacuum cleaner and this should be done in the direction of the carpet fibres for best putting roll results. To keep the mat in as good a condition possible it is recommended to roll it up and store it when not in use to minimise dust and general debris getting on it.

Like all putting mats it obviously will last longer the better you look after it. If you simply leave it out all the time and never brush or vacuum any dirt that accumulates on it there is the potential for the fibres to distort the roll of putts after long term usage.

Take good care of your PuttOut Pro putting mat though and it will take good care of you and more importantly your short putting!

[Note – To get a visual review of the PuttOut Pro medium putting mat check out this video on our YouTube channel here]

If you are interested in buying a PuttOut Pro putting mat you can check out the latest price on Amazon now:

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