The Wellputt Putting Mat – An Unbiased Review

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An image of a 10ft Wellputt putting mat

There is no better place to hone and improve your putting stroke than in the comfort and perfect conditions of your own home.

And to add to the benefits of practicing your putting indoors a putting mat is an excellent way to further add to the effectiveness of your practice and the resultant chances of improving your scores when you get to the course.

One of the most popular putting mats on the market is the Wellputt mat and I have owned and used one consistently myself now for more than a year.

So here are all my observations on the Wellputt putting mat to help you decide for yourself whether it can help your own putting and is worth the cost.

The Wellputt putting mat is an excellent product that can help golfers to improve both their putting stroke and distance control. Available in 3 different sizes – 10ft, 13ft and 26ft – it is easy to set up and store and with its smartphone app enables varied and effective practice for all standards of golfer.

Hours and hours of use and testing of the Wellputt putting mat has undoubtedly helped me improve my putting, and most especially the quality of my putting stroke with those dreaded short putts.

And in the remainder of this post we go into all the details of the mat itself across various categories including set up, features, build quality and of course price.

Pro tip: Practicing on a putting mat is better for your putting stroke than putting on a home carpet. Check out the reasons why this is here.

A Wellputt putting mat stored in its cardboard box
Wellputt putting mats can be easily stored away in the box when not in use

Wellputt Putting Mat Review

There are a number of putting mats on the market today however I must confess that the Wellputt putting mat is my personal favourite.

It provides me with a great platform to practice and improve my putting stroke when I can’t make it to the golf course or while the weather outside is too cold or rainy.

I have now used the Wellputt putting mat for over a year and have spent hours and hours practicing my stroke on it and here is a detailed summary of my key observations over a number of categories.

Setting Up and Storing the Wellputt putting mat

The Wellputt putting mat is extremely easy to set up. It comes in a branded box and rolls out ready to use on any flat surface within seconds.

The short video below demonstrates just how easy the set up process is.

Initially you will likely find that the Wellputt putting mat ‘turns up’ slightly at the end after being rolled out but this is easily rectified by turning the affected end of the mat in the opposite way to flatten the edge if required.

This is a very minor issue however and I have never found this ever to be an irritation or inconvenience when it comes to practicing my putting on the Wellputt mat.

By keeping the box also I have found it exceptionally easy to roll away and store when not needed or if you have space issues at home which do not allow you to leave the mat permanently rolled out.

Quality of the Wellputt putting mat

The Wellputt putting mat is clearly a good quality product.

The box it comes in is professionally branded and durable, and the material the mat itself is made of is excellent.

I have owned and used a number of putting mats over the years and the quality of the material used for the putting surface side of the Wellputt mat is both superior to a number of cheaper alternatives on the market and also allows a pure roll of any putt you strike on it.

After hours and hours of use also I have noticed no degradation of the mat itself.

The Wellputt putting mat is a good quality product that provides an excellent artificial putting surface.

How Does the Wellputt Putting Mat Work? Features & Usability

I must confess I often find it difficult to maintain concentration and focus when it comes to practicing my putting at home on any putting mat.

The Wellputt putting mat however it does a great job in providing multiple features on the mat itself to help keep your interest and make your putting practice varied and purposeful.

The Wellputt putting mat works by using markings to guide golfers to practice their putting effectively. These include a main target hole surrounded by a ‘good’ and ‘bad’ results zone together with multiple markings at varying lengths of short putt. Other markings also enable putting stroke strength and alignment checks.

The total number of markings at varying lengths of putt depends on the size of Wellputt mat you have but all of them provide easy points of reference for consistent putting practice at set lengths of putt.

Other markings on the Wellputt Putting mat also allow you to check the alignment of your putting stroke and a check to help ensure you are accelerating through the ball with your putting stroke rather than lapsing into the poor technique of slowing down your putter as you strike the ball.

The markings are easy to see against the green fabric and an additional bonus is the smartphone app which comes for free along with any purchase of a Wellputt putting mat.

This app gives you challenges and 50 different training exercises to follow to help keep your putting practice both interesting and effective. It also provides a great way to track your progress with the scorecard that is included.

A final great aspect of the Wellputt putting mat is it’s availability in multiple different sizes – 10ft, 13ft and 26ft.

For those who are unable to have a large mat in our homes the shorter 10ft and 13ft options provide an excellent way for golfers to improve those all important short putts but for those who are able to accommodate a larger mat the 26ft option can enable players to practice distance control in addition to improving their stroke on short putts.

[Note – The stats show that the quickest way for the average golfer to take strokes of their score is to reduce the number of times that they three putt from between 11ft to 30ft. Check out our article on why distance control is so important for improving your putting numbers here.]

How Much Does the Wellputt Putting Mat Cost?

When it comes to all important criteria of cost the Wellputt putting mat is undoubtedly one of the more expensive on the market.

The mat is available in 3 different sizes – 10ft, 13ft and 26ft – and clearly the larger the mat the higher the price.

Both the 10 foot and 13 foot Wellputt putting mats are priced well over the $100 baseline mark with the smaller 10ft version typically costing around the $150 (£113) and the larger 13ft mat costing approximately $180 (£135).

When it comes to the largest available 26ft Wellputt putting mat the price increases significantly and you are unlikely to get much change out of $500 (£377).

While the largest Wellputt putting mat is clearly a very significant investment, and the other two smaller versions are certainly amongst the higher priced putting mats out there, in my view they still do represent good value for money when taking into all the other factors to be considered.

If you are interested in buying a Wellputt putting mat you can check out the latest price on Amazon now:

Wellputt Putting Mat – Summary of Pros and Cons

I have owned a Wellputt putting mat for over a year now and spent hours and hours both practicing on it and comparing it with other putting mats on the market.

I have even tested its speed using a PGA approved stimpmeter!

For reference this speed test could not give a definitive reading as the mat is not long enough to allow a golf ball to fully roll out after running down a stimpmeter but we still estimated the speed of the Wellputt mat to be a very respectable 10ft to 11ft.

In my view it is the best putting mat on the market and listed below is a summary of the Wellputt putting mat’s pros and cons across a variety of different categories.

Set up– Takes seconds to rollout and be ready for use on any flat surface– Edges of mat can curl up very slightly after rollout but these can be easily reversed and do not affect practice.
Build quality– Excellent quality fine carpet like material leads to very true roll
– Mat gets faster and rolls better with increased use.
Features– Very easy to use
– Multiple markings allow for varied and effective practice
– Smartphone app provides additional games & training drills
– 26ft length option enables distance control practice
Storage– Matt rolls up in seconds following use and is easily stored in box.
Price– 10ft long option costs approx. $150
– 13ft long mat costs approx. $180
– 26ft option costs approx. $470
– Among the more expensive putting mats on the market

How Do You Clean a Wellputt Mat?

The Wellputt putting mat allows you to practice your putting anywhere and at any time, in good weather and bad, but like all products maintenance is something to be considered as your mat gets older.

It goes without saying that the better you look after a Wellputt putting mat the longer it will last but given it is made of a carpet like material on one side there is clearly the question of how best you keep it clean.

As a whole a Wellputt putting mat is best cleaned using either a vacuum cleaner or a brush. Brushing should be done in the direction of the grain for best putting roll results. If stained it is recommended that a soft detergent similar to that you would use on a standard carpet is used in combination with warm water.

In short when it comes to keeping your Wellputt putting mat clean think of it in terms of how would you keep your regular carpets at home clean.

Simply wipe or brush any debris off the mat and where necessary use a vacuum cleaner, making sure in all instances to wipe, brush or vacuum in the direction of the fabric’s grain (i.e. towards the hole marking) so the matt will roll as quickly as possible.

For any tougher stains use warm water, a rag and if needed a gentle detergent.

Put the warm water on your putting mat, and rub at the stain with the rag that has detergent on it until the stain is gone. Then use warm water to remove the leftover detergent. After the stain is removed, leave the putting mat rolled out until it is completely dry.

And if the rubber on the underside of the Wellputt mat gets dirty all you have to do is brush or wipe the material off and it is clean again.

In short the Wellputt putting mat is low maintenance and very easy to keep clean and maintain in a good condition.

[Note – To get a visual review of the Wellputt putting mat check out this video on our YouTube channel here]

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